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G59/3 Witness Testing & Commissioning 

Pannell & Partners undertakes G59/3_3 testing and G59 pre-commissioning with DNO (Distribution Network Operator) presence for G59 relay and system approval across the whole of the UK. Following on from G59 acceptance, we can offer Firm Frequency Response Testing (FFR) to National Grid requirements.  
Periodic Testing - a requirement of ENA's G59/3_3 Document. Please contact us to programme in a suitable schedule for your "Loss-of-Mains" protection system. 
LATEST - The recent release of G59/3_3 states that installations commissioned after 1st February 2018 must use "Rate of Change of Frequency" (RoCoF) for Loss of Mains (LoM) protection and no longer "Vector Shift". As part of your periodic testing of the protection relay (as required by G59) we can re-programme and test it to provide RoCoF protection instead of Vector Shift. 
These G59 tests are applicable to battery energy storage (BESS), PV (photovoltaic) solar panel installations, wind turbine installations, CHP (combined heat and power) installations including Anaerobic Digester installations and rotating machine embedded generation. 
Our extensive experience in G59 witness testing, from battery energy storage, commercial rooftop solar PV to the UK's largest ground mount solar PV parks, hydroelectric, CHP, wind turbine and short term parallel generators means that you can have confidence in successful G59 tester witness testing completion. 
We strongly recommend contacting us at the same time as the DNO when booking a G59 witness test, so we may converse directly with the DNO to arrange mutually conducive dates. This prevents the embarrassing situation of not being able to find a G59 tester for the witness test if it is left too close to the commissioning date. 
Our many clients have also recognised the benefits of arranging a pre-commissioning G59 test prior to the scheduled witness test. Any problems found can be remedied before the DNO is due to attend site, if arranged a day or two (or longer) before the final witness test. This saves missing deadlines, losing money and requesting repeat visits from the DNO - a problem with their very busy schedules. 
Feedback from DNO engineers has shown that they are very impressed when clients have taken this initiative to prepare their sites properly before the witness test - it gives them confidence in the system. 

Full guidance throughout 

We can guide you through the connection application process with the DNO, having extensive experience in LV, 11kV, 33kV & 132kV connected generation systems and can offer advice and direction for correct application. 

G59 Relay & Control Panels 

We are able to provide complete G59 protection solutions including design, manufacture and installation of G59 relay control panels whether bespoke or “off the shelf” to any specification for all renewable / dual-energy embedded generation applications. 

Tailored result sheets 

We issue tailored result sheets signed by our highly skilled test engineers and the DNO protection engineer representative which consist of all parameters required by the DNO according to Engineering Recommendation G59. These sheets represent the recordable test data required by the DNO to enable connection and OFGEM approval. 

Pre-commissioning service 

We also offer a pre-commissioning service where we can assess the correct operation of the G59 control interface with the dual energy system prior to the DNO witness test visit. 
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